Beter Bed Holding N.V. is a sleep specialist operating in the European retail, wholesale and B2B sectors, providing the very best beds and sleep products at affordable prices to match the unique needs of every customer. We believe that the better we sleep, the happier, healthier and more productive we are. And we will not rest until everyone gets the high-quality sleep they deserve.

We operate through different brands in different regions:

  • Beter Bed brand in the Netherlands and Belgium;
  • Beddenreus brand in the Netherlands;
  • Sängjätten brand in Sweden.

In addition, through its subsidiary DBC International, Beter Bed Holding N.V. has a wholesale business in branded products in the bedroom furnishings sector, which includes international brands such as M line, Wave and Maxi.

Beter Bed Holding N.V. has been listed on Euronext Amsterdam with security code BBED NL0000339703 since December 1996.