Corporate Governance Code

Below you will find an overview of all best practice provisions. Per provision is stated whether the company complies to this provision. In case the company does not or only partly fulfil a provision, you will find an explanation of the reasons for not (fully) complying with a best practice provision in below download titled Corporate Governance Code (departures). In addition, details are provided for a number of best practice provisions regarding their application within the company.

Full text of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code is available on

Download iconCorporate Governance Code EN (183.3kb)Download iconCorporate Governance Code (departures) (143.6kb)

Regulations & documents

Download iconAmendment to Articles Association 2011 (11.19Mb)Download iconAudit committee (148.9kb)Download iconCode of Conduct General (165.2kb)Download iconCode of Conduct Suppliers (248.4kb)Download iconDeed of conversion and amendment to Articles of Association 1996 (1.69Mb)Download iconInternal Audit Charter Beter Bed Holding (87.8kb)Download iconInternal Code on Inside Information and Disclosure (202.2kb)Download iconInvestor Relations policy (113.9kb)Download iconManagement Board regulations (160.0kb)Download iconProspectus IPO 29-11-1996 (NL) (2.94Mb)Download iconRemuneration committee (157.8kb)Download iconRemuneration report 2016 (41.1kb)Download iconRetirement by rotation schedule Supervisory Board 2017 (55.6kb)Download iconShare option scheme (145.7kb)Download iconSupervisory Board - Profile (128.9kb)Download iconSupervisory Board - Regulations (164.4kb)Download iconTakeover Directive (146.8kb)Download iconWhistleblowers policy (156.0kb)