The social value of a good night’s rest is generally recognised. People who sleep well are happier and healthier. Facilitating this may be Beter Bed Holding’s most important contribution to society, which is delivered by offering best quality rest for a broad range of products with suitable advice at affordable prices as described in our promise.

Within Beter Bed Holding N.V. and its subsidiairies, corporate social responsibility is a fundamental part of the daily operations and goes hand in hand with sound financial management. The introduction of a category management team to strive for intensive collaboration with suppliers in the field of innovation and development of recyclable mattresses and box springs is exemplary. Beter Bed Holding is therefore very proud of the 100% recyclable box spring ‘Element’.

During the Capital Markets Day in 2018 the new strategy has been presented. In this strategy the 2017 reassessed CSR goals remain unabbreviated in force and unabated important. In 2019 CSR report Beter Bed Holding has included the developments of the CSR strategy.

Beter Bed Holding and its subsidiaries consciously and conscientiously act in their stakeholders' interests, combining healthy entrepreneurship with respect for people and environment.